8 VR Games Out Now!

8 VR Games Out Now!

8 VR Games Out Now! 1840 1037 developerX

So far, in 2017, we have seen impressive displays of games through different VR gaming systems. From creative platforms such as Tilt Brush, (for creative minds) to intense thriller games such as Doom 3 BFG edition, (for adrenaline junkies) VR can bring a smile to anyone. Here are the top 8 experiences that will blow you away.


1. Werewolves Within


Devices: Oculus/HTC, PSVR | Category: Mystery/Critical Thinking

This game takes game night with your friends to a whole new level! This game is set in the medieval times and werewolves are hiding and terrorizing the village! Among the 5 to 8 characters lies a creature that is disguised as a regular villager. The whole purpose of this game is to play by your character and seek out the mystery that is hidden behind the others. Regardless of which gaming device you use, you will be in a constant battle of debate. Can you seek out the werewolves?


2. Arizona Sunshine


Devices: Oculus/HTC, PSVR | Category: Survival/Thriller

Ever wondered what it’d feel like to be surrounded by rotten flesh that is relentlessly trying to eat your guts? Well now you can do so with this game. Be a kick-ass zombie killer and survive in a post-apocalyptic Arizona fluttered with bloodthirsty zombies. If it gets too overwhelming for ya, you can find consolation by receiving a call from a radio (just make sure you’re strapped up and ready with the wide range of weapons that the game offers). On top of that, you can explore this deserted world, scavenge loot items, and ultimately undergo a chaotic infestation with your buds in co-op mode.


3. Tethered


Devices: PSVR only | Category: Strategy

Peeps and Geeks make the world reach its peak. With this game, you play the role of a god and look after these creatures called peeps. Aside from being a defender, you also get to bring life the interconnected islands and nurture the land in which your peeps live in. Just like any other strategy game this one gives you control of your inhabitants to harvest, grow, and survive in a seamless day and night cycle. At nightfall, terrifying creatures lurk around and it’s up to their god (You) to help them by any means necessary. Prepare by day, survive by night. Ultimately, they depend on you for their survival… So don’t let them down!


4. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Devices:  Oculus/HTC, PSVR | Category: Puzzle, Communication

If you’re confident about your communication skills, this game will surely put them to the test. One player is trapped in a room with a generated time bomb; the others are in a “separate room” with a manual that provides clues to defuse it. But here’s the hook, the others can’t see the bomb! So everyone will need to talk it out – fast!


5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Devices: PSVR only | Category: Survival, Horror

You DO NOT want to play this one alone. As the terror awaits for you in Baker Residence. Play as Ethan Winters, a regular man who makes his way into a madhouse crawling with sinister inhabitants in order to find his dearly lost wife. Experience the horror of sudden movements, gloomy music, creepy hallways, and creaking floors. Not to mention the untold secrets that lie within the walls of the building. This game will surely make your backbone tremble.


6. Superhot


Devices: PSVR, Oculus/HTC | Category: Action, Music, Puzzle

Ever seen the matrix? Correlate your body and mind as you embark in a world full of enemies and bullets coming from everywhere! Time moves forward as you do and the objective is to dodge all of the bullets and punches that come your way throughout levels. This time-bending shooting game gives off a thrilling feeling of power and precision and turns what otherwise looks like a relatively low-poly action simulation into one of the most unique and cerebral games that you’ve ever seen.


7. Robo Recall


Devices: Oculus Rift | Category: Action, Shooting, Arcade

This is a downright ludicrous shooting game. What’s better than shooting at robots!? Despite being an arcade game, Robo Recall does an excellent job of setting up the story. Set in the distant future when robots have become ubiquitous around the world, you take a role of a repairman who works for the Robo ready corporation. After some sort of virus causes all the robots to go bezerk you’re sent into three different areas of the city to recall the defective units as damage control and protect the company’s reputation. Overall, this experience will keep your head spinning as the robots close in and your job is to shoot the living crap out of them.


8. How we soar


Devices: PSVR only | Category: Adventure

By using the dualshock controller to navigate through the skies, there’s much more than meets the eye with this mysterious world. Hover and traverse around the mystical skies. Take control of an enchanting Phoenix in a domain that is gradually crafted by whoever is playing. Its unique papercraft theme takes players into a page-turning trip of immersion. According to the game, you’re painting while flying. Best part of it all that you get to set the pace, fly fast or soothingly fly through the pages and uncover new chapters in the author’s life. The game relies on travel and exploration to find the deeper meaning of this undiscovered world.