Amazon Echo “Alexa” trolled by South Park

Amazon Echo “Alexa” trolled by South Park

Amazon Echo “Alexa” trolled by South Park 980 490 developerX

One of the minor flaws of owning an Amazon Echo is almost anyone can activate the device by just saying “Alexa”. The season premiere of South Park took full advantage. The creators played a prank on all Amazon Echo’s in range of the show. The episode “White People Renovating Houses” and had Cartman giving Alexa random commands to tell jokes or add items to your Amazon shopping list.


Play this clip next to your Amazon Echo.

or if you have 30 minutes watch the episode on the comedy central.

If you made it through the episode with the Amazon Echo listening in then Alexa should have done a few random commands. By the end of the episode, your echo should have created a list that looks similar to this one.

Amazon echo shopping list


As you can see, it’s pretty easy for Amazon Echo to be activated. I did a little digging and could only find another incident that happened in the wild. It happened when local news station aired a segment on how a 6-year-old ordered an expensive doll house using Alexa. You can read the entire story here.