Entrepreneurs are the hardest workers we know, here’s how we can help

Entrepreneurs are the hardest workers we know, here’s how we can help

Entrepreneurs are the hardest workers we know, here’s how we can help 1366 768 developerX

Entrepreneur – a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so (directly from the dictionary).

As a startup ourselves, we know what it is like to chase after a dream that no one else sees. It’s one of the toughest things anyone can do, to let go of the comfortable job and the steady paycheck to build a business from the ground up. For anyone manifesting their own Personal Legend, I just wanted to say I am very proud of you, and we are here to help you achieve your goal of getting to the next level.

As a business, you have so much to worry about. From building a website, understanding your message, knowing who your target audience is, updating social media channels, creating a strategy for growth, and not to mention consistently releasing valuable content for your clients. If you are a tech company then include finding and hiring the right talent and staying on top of tickets to release features in a timely manner. Combine that with finding a great UI/UX designer to really captivate your audience.

#SoMuchToDoInSuchLittleTime, Life of an #entreprenuer

At DeveloperX, we have brought together experts from across multiple fields to work TOGETHER and provide our clients with the means to succeed. We bring over a decade of experience in software development, digital marketing, creative content creation, and world-class designers all under one roof to help get our clients to the next level. As an entrepreneur, you know it takes a team to really build out the big vision. You have the dream, we have the team and partnerships to take you there.

How does it work?

We listen

All of our clients have unique needs, some of our clients want to figure out how to build stronger sales funnels, manage their social efforts, help with branding, or build custom software to release a minimum viable product. At DeveloperX, we want to know how you define success, once we know we create a strategy to get you there.

We strategize

After we know what you want to see for your business, we work directly with you to strategize a plan that will help get us there. We combine all our teams together to provide a truly exceptional and unique experience for all of our clients.

We execute

Our execution strategy puts all our efforts together and provides a kick-ass experience to your target audience. DeveloperX brings all marketing (email, inbound, outbound), social media channels, digital advertising, software development, and creative video content to really push your business to the next level.

We reflect

Once execution is done, we invite you to our reflection meetings to have an OPEN and HONEST conversation about what went well, what went wrong, things we can improve, and shout outs. We also start planning our next strategy :).

Personalized Experience

At DeveloperX, we believe in building relationships and learning as much as we can about your business. Our team is extremely passionate about helping others see their true potential. We check-in every week to see how you are doing and give you an update on our progress. You won’t just see it but you will feel the difference of working with a hungry passionate team.

What makes us different?

We have a combined experience of over 25+ years in the technology space but what really makes DeveloperX different is our passion. Everyone on our team absolutely loves what they do and we bring our A-game every single time. We are high performers at our core and love to share our combined knowledge to really make a difference in a business.

Ready to work together?