Equifax HACK Explained and what you can do.

Equifax HACK Explained and what you can do.

Equifax HACK Explained and what you can do. 2048 1152 developerX

What Happened?

Equifax has been hacked and 143,000,000.00 customers have had their names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and drivers license numbers compromised. There was also 209,000 who had their credit card numbers compromised and 182,000 dispute documents and other identifying information was leaked.

Equifax discovered the leak on July 29th, 2017 and just 3 days later Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Corporate Vice President (VP) John Gamble sold $946,374.00 worth of his Equifax shares. President of U.S. Information Solutions sold Joseph Loughran $584,099.00 worth of his stock and Rodolfo Ploder president of workforce solutions sold $250,458.00 of his shares. A combined sell of $1,780,931.00

I did a little digging around on John Gamble this is what I  found:

5 fast facts on John Gamble.

John Gamble Linkedin profile (offline)

The response from Equifax about some top-level executive selling stock AFTER they knew about the hack and BEFORE it was released to the public, is that they were “unaware of the hack” and the sell was “unrelated”.

Click on the Potential Impact, then you will be asked for your last name and the last 6 digits of your social security number. After, the system will return your results and state if your information has been compromised or not.

How Did Equifax Respond?

Equifax solution to the problem is to provide free credit monitoring program for everyone. What is worse about this situation is that they have stated they will provide free credit monitoring solution but, their service isn’t available until September 11th.

Here is a response by  Rick Smith the Chairman and Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Equifax about the incident.

So by this point, you might be worried about your own credit. To start, you should check out the site that Equifax created to verify if your information has been compromised.


If you have been compromised try these solutions:

Freezing your credit

Another Credit Monitoring program

Call credit card company and get new cards