My journey begins with one line of code
and a dream

What is my story?

My name is Mansoor, and I created developerX initially to be a “coder for hire” in the technology world. I have over 10 years of experience building software and have spent the last few years really challenging myself to dive deeper into the software world. During my exploration time, I was able to work with some amazing companies, built awesome projects, and provided value for everyone I have worked with.

But that is just the surface, if you have met me, you’ll know I am one of those extremely ambitious and driven individuals with an infectious positive attitude. I always want to perform at my best, so you can find me consistently improving myself through iterations to get to the next level (SCRUM in real life : ).

So by this point, you are probably asking what is developerX now… Well, I realized with my current position as the Lead Software Immersive Instructor @ Galvanize/Hack Reactor in San Francisco (SOMA), I have truly found a passion for helping software engineers level up their development skills.

My goal is to provide value to as many software engineers that I possibly can. If I can leverage my knowledge to help you solve the problems you are currently facing then I am in. I believe the best developers are the ones that can share what they have learned. Which brings me to my thoughts about leadership… my style of leadership is to inspire people to reach for their full potential.

Aspire to be the best version of YOU in every way possible.

Where I have been?

Galvanize – San Francisco, California (SOMA)

Lead Software Engineering Immersive Instructor

I was working with students to lead them along their journey of becoming software engineers. I taught a six-month immersive program where we went over concepts and languages used to build out web applications. My students have successfully built applications using Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, Postgres, WordPress, MySQL, React, React Native, Python, Go, and etc. This was one of the most challenging and most rewarding positions I have ever done.

Skills I gained/Improved: Javascript, Postgres, React, Python, Go, Semantic UI, Empathy, Time Management, Curriculum Planning, Working with Students, and How to Teach.

DeveloperX – Denver, Colorado


Partnered with a wide range of businesses to help build their technology stack. I worked on many websites, executed many digital marketing campaigns, built I.o.T devices, created games in Unity, and increased revenue for all my clients.

Skills I gained/Improved: WordPress, Facebook ads, React, React Native, MySQL, myEventOn, Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Hootsuite, Javascript, Python, C++, Arduino, NodeMCU (ESP8266), MQTT (Mosquitto), Unity, User Experience, Virtual Reality, and Sales.

Green Chef – Boulder, Colorado

Senior Software Engineer

I was responsible for developing code on the ERP team and mentoring junior developers to be their best. Most of my time was spent fighting legacy code and building new features from the ground up. As part of my due diligence, I would create tickets, write technology plans, establish a development process, introduce git workflow, lead whiteboard sessions with other developers, and do many code reviews. I worked both on the front-end and backend. My team was delivering a new feature every sprint fully tested and documented.

Skills I gained/Improved: AngularJS, Node, Mongo, API integrations, Deployments, AWS, Mongoose, mentoring, development process, git workflow, code reviews, and creating great environments to facilitate learning with team collaboration.

Duby – Denver, Colorado (Remote)

Senior Software Engineer

I worked directly with the CTO to build features and solve bugs in the current code base. Most of my time was spent building out their business platform and improving the speed of queries. The business platform was a dashboard created for paid clients to ad their business to the Duby platform to leverage advertising to a niche market. I also mentored other developers with live coding sessions as we tackled bugs or created new features.

Skills I gained/Improved: Parse Server, Mongo, Push Notifications, React, Bootstrap, Javascript, mentoring, Trello, git workflow, and implemented an agile system to predict team velocity.

Audience Science – Bellevue, Washington (Remote)

Senior Software Engineer

I worked on a project that would automate deployments of servers based on real-time analytics. Our servers load was handling 30,000,000,000 transactions daily to facilitate an ad delivery of many Fortune 100 companies. We would have to deliver an ad under 100ms in order to provide our clients with the right exposure needed. I worked on integrating API’s, developing UI, and building out core functionality.

Skills I gained/Improved: Integrating API’s, React, Bootstrap, Mesos, Mongo, Mythril, AWS, Docker, VPN, Javascript, SCSS, and working remote.

Motili – Denver, Colorado

Senior Software Engineer

I worked directly with the CTO to remove bugs of an already existing code base and adding features to improve our customer experience. My daily duties were developing software, peer code reviews, finding and documenting bugs, writing documentation, and delivering within the time frame.

Skills I gained/Improved: AngularJS, Mongo, SCSS, JIRA, and code reviews.

ProKarma – Denver Tech Center (DTC), Colorado (Charter Communications)

Software Engineer

I worked with a group of developers on the Spectrum project. My responsibilities were to solve bugs, code new features, write tickets, and test code. I also worked on my own project that delivered a way for individuals inside the company to share the latest information on internal projects.

Skills I gained/Improved: AngularJS, Mongo, SCSS, JIRA, Laravel, Javascript, PHP, and Git.

i3logix – Stapleton, Colorado

Junior Software Engineer

I worked directly with the CTO, which became one of my greatest mentors. I learned the most during this phase of my career and had built a wealth of knowledge that would set me up for success for my entire career. With a few other developers, we worked on BallotTrax, which was used by over 100,000 users its first week. I was responsible for building the frontend and solve bugs on the backend.

Skills I gained/Improved: Zend Framework, Zend Framework 2, AngularJS, Postgres, Javascript, jQuery, Mecurial (HG), SCSS, Virtual Machines, and database management.

The Denver Post – Denver, Colorado

Junior Software Engineer

I worked on the digital team to provide technical solutions for their growing platform. I mainly coded PHP building WordPress plugins, custom post types, and user experience. I worked on their autos search platform to create and build a user-friendly way to search for your next vehicle.

Skills I gained/Improved: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and CSS

Bi Incorporated – Gunbarrel, Colorado


I was a part of the digital marketing team and my main responsibilities were to update the website, create email templates, edit images in photoshop, make updates to legacy code using Dreamweaver, and bugging engineers while they code tracking software for ankle monitors. I was a curious about software development so I asked as many questions as I could 🙂

Skills I gained/Improved: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver, MySQL, and Photoshop

XIV Marketing – Denver, Colorado


I found a need for digital goods and created a digital agency called XIV Marketing. I worked on many projects from application development to video production with some of the best companies in Colorado. My main responsibilities were to deliver on digital media and to seek out new clients. My inexperience and hunger for software development ultimately lead me to close down shop and seek out mentors to continue building my skill sets as a software developer.

Skills I gained/Improved: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Marketing, and etc.

Lavish Lounge – Denver, Colorado

Marketing Director

I was working as the marketing director of the best nightclub in Denver, Colorado. My responsibilities were to promote the venue to new guests, make strategic partnerships with local businesses, create events, find sponsors, and sell bottle service tables. During my time there we increased revenues by 200% monthly. I also built relationships with radio stations, liquor companies, local businesses, and others. I don’t want to forget finding talent and hiring artists to perform at the venue.

Skills I gained/Improved: Marketing, Communication, Management, Payroll, Training, HTML, CSS, email templates, and building relationships

Side Hustles.

Telluride Wine Festival – Telluride, Colorado

Sponsorships, Growth, and Technology

I work directly with the festival director and owner of the Telluride Wine Festival. My responsibilities were to quickly put together a website and ticketing system to help facilitate growth in ticket sales. I also created many social media and paid advertising campaigns to lead the Telluride Wine Festival to a SOLD OUT event. This is one of my favorite projects that I have ever worked on :).

Skills I gained/Improved: Marketing, Communication, Management, Entrepreneurship, WordPress, Sponsorships, HTML, CSS, email templates, and building relationships.

Stripe – San Francisco, California

Stripe Foundation Instructor

I teach a group of Stripes that want to learn the fundamentals of software development. The stack we teach is HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby. The course leads them through a series of lectures and practical projects to develop a new skill set while giving insight into the software development career.

Skills I gained/Improved: Mentoring, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and creating development curriculum.

Vets in Tech (ViT) – San Francisco, California

Software Development Instructor

I work closely with Veterans that are interested in learning about software engineer and technology. My main responsibility was to teach an 8-week program that would provide knowledge and insights into becoming a software engineer. The program would lead the students through HTML, CSS, Javascript, Event listeners, and Git. This included completing a final project of a website of your choosing that integrates an API from a 3rd party.

Skills I gained/Improved: Mentoring, Empathy, Insight on Veterans, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Lecturing, and creating development curriculum.