Telluride Wine Festival Case Study

Telluride Wine Festival Case Study

Telluride Wine Festival Case Study 1305 871 developerX

The Telluride Wine Festival (TWF) is a non-profit that supports regional farmers, culinary & hospitality businesses and educational organizations. Their mission is to educate and improve the way children eat and their understanding of sustainability. TWF lacked a strong web presence or a website that had the functionality they hoped for. They wanted a way to create individual events, sell tickets, and check-in guests as they arrive at the events.  Let’s see what we could do 🙂

Our Solution

Our discussions with TWF and the research we had done lead us to build a new responsive web application. The TWF will be hosting their 37th Annual festival in 2018 and we wanted them to do it with a new infrastructure that not only provides an amazing user experience but also cuts down on costs. We implemented an event management system, ticket management system, and QR code guest check-in system. Now they have the ability to create events, sell tickets, and check-in guest all in-house without having to pay extra fees.

Event Managment

We implemented an events management system that allowed TWF to create, edit, delete, or cancel events. With a few clicks and a couple of keystrokes, they can have a new event ready to share with the world.

Ticket Managment

Seamlessly integrated with the Events, our solution allows TWF to add tickets to each individual event. The robust platform allows having dynamic pricing, ticket stock, and different types of tickets to be sold per event. We wanted to give them total control over tickets and events and with our solution it allows them to.

Guest Check-In

Telluride Wine Festival wanted a way to check in guests at their events. They wanted it to be simple but effective, so we came up with a solution that integrates perfectly with the ticketing system. Every ticket distributed will have a QR code attached and will be used to check-in guests. Say goodbye to your ticket ledger.



happy client


saved on each ticket sale (cost)


Increased early-bird ticket sales