The top 10 best hidden features in iOS 11

The top 10 best hidden features in iOS 11

The top 10 best hidden features in iOS 11 1100 630 developerX

iOS 11 is now out and has released a ton of new features. I have compiled a list of the top 10 best-hidden features in the latest software, lets jump right in.


1. Multiple App Selection (move more than one app at a time)

I like to organize my screens by application type, so I’ll have photo editing apps on one screen, streaming services on another, banking, and etc. To get organized I really only had 2 choices: connect to iTunes or drag each app one by one.

Apple’s iOS 11 introduced a way to select multiple apps at once. It takes two steps to enable multiple application selections. First, select an app you would like to move. Second, using the other hand tap the other apps you would like to include.

Multiple selected apps


2. Screen Capture/Recorder

I remember last week we started looking into a way to record my iPhone screen without needing it to be attached to a computer. I couldn’t find a working option or had to pay $19.99 a year using a specific service.

Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore, iOS 11 introduced a screen recorder. The screen recorder wasn’t enabled for me by default. Once it is enabled you can add it to the Control Center and start recording all your Clash Royale battles to upload to youtube :).

As a developer, this feature is going to become very handy when finding bugs that are hard to replicate and when you are done it saves directly to your photo library.

Screen Recording Button on Control Center


3. Wifi Password share

I have an extremely long password full of numbers, symbols, and letters to access my wifi networks (yes I am that guy). Here is an example of what I mean:


My friends rarely go through the trouble of connecting to my wifi network. Not anymore, if another iOS device tries to connect to the network I am currently on, I can share the password with the device.

Wifi Password sharing ios 11


4. Control Center Upgrade

Apple has done a fresh redesign of the Control Center, the design keeps all your options on one page so you can quickly access the flashlight, capture screen, and etc. They also introduced the ability to customize the control center itself. Hop into your settings and setup your Control Center just the way you like it.

Control Center upgrade


5. Improved Screen Shots

When you take a screenshot on iOS 11 you get a whole different experience. The thumbnail will appear on the bottom left. If you open it, you will have the ability to crop, annotate, or open it in another app to make it just right.

My favorite part is once you hit done, iOS now asks you if you would like to keep the screenshot or destroy it. No more screenshots taking up space in my photo library.

Screen Shot editor


6. Do Not Disturb While Driving

If you connect your iPhone to your car using Bluetooth, iOS 11 can automatically turn on “Do Not Disturb” while driving. This mode will silence all notifications so you can stay focused on the road and not on the phone.

If you don’t use Bluetooth, iOS 11 can also autodetect when you are driving using the accelerometers and GPS.

Do not disturb while driving setting options


7. Built in QR Code Reader

You don’t need to download another app to read QR codes anymore. The reader is built right into the iPhone’s camera app. Try it out below and don’t forget to like our page. 🙂

qr code


8. Maximized Storage on Autopilot

In the app store settings, you can now automatically delete apps you don’t use frequently. It won’t delete the icon on the home screen but next time you launch the app it will download the latest version before it starts.

itunes app offload unused apps setting


9. Notes App Upgrade

You can now scan documents right in notes but that’s not all, iOS 11 now tries to index your handwriting so that you can search your notes later.

notes upgrade


10. Smaller Photos and Video files

The iPhone cameras are getting better and better but that also means photos and video files are getting larger. With the shift to using HEIF and HEVC codecs for photos and videos, the file sizes should be half the size but the same great quality.

iphone 8 back camera


I hope you enjoyed learning about iOS 11 as much as I did. Don’t forget to get social with me and add me on twitter @developerxio or follow me on Instagram @developerxio. You can also like us on facebook by going here.

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